My Homecare Franchise

…. talk to the team about how you can be part of this rapidly growing quality home care network in 2021

Our groundbreaking franchise is re-born and we are delighted that now in 2022, we are close to having 50 branches registered across the UK.

The My Homecare business model is a unique and modern approach in starting your franchise. 

By utilising more online training, this greatly improved our level of support and enabled us to deliver our services faster, more responsive and in a timely manner to suit your needs and business schedule.

  • My Homecare can show you how to open and run a successful home care company.
  • We save you time and money with our successful and proven track record in planning, supporting your company to gain registration and training you and your team before you even start trading.
  • Once you start trading, we will provide you with ongoing support from our franchise development managers and from other business owners who were once in your shoes.
  • Our systems are organised using twenty years of successful trading in domiciliary care.

Over the last 12 months we have increased our online training support and have developed a far more responsive and effective way of communicating and sharing  our knowledge and expertise to our franchisees. We now offer even more support for franchisees at the same low cost. 

Last October, our founder celebrated 20 years of running a successful care company. Our brand has established a reputation for providing quality care across the country. During this time, we have supported many other franchisees and helped many branches gain annual sales of over £2 million.

Our current franchise branches across the country are benefitting from this additional online support from our Management Team. We have been able to provide more vital support, advice and assistance on the important areas like Finance, Marketing, Care Staff Recruitment, HR and Training and Compliance which are crucial to making our investors’ businesses successful.

Within your franchise package are our popular quarterly audits which are delivered to you by our experienced management team. This regular review will help you understand the crucial parts of your business and keep you on the right path to success in this recession-proof industry.

We facilitate a “no frills” approach to the right people to assist them with starting a quality care service in a cost-effective manner. We provide our affordable  management fee which will allow you to retain more profit for your efforts.

We provide your new company with high quality management systems and advice right from the start. Alongside your commitment, we are all you need to open a successful care company

Our Franchise Package includes:

  • Advice on your company structure, business planning and financial projections
  • Assistance with registration with CQC / Care Inspectorate
  • Full business training prior to trading
  • Branch Website, My Homecare Emails and IT support
  • Launch support, marketing material and procurement support.

A new inclusion to our package is a cutting edge software management package, which allows greater control. Real time reporting, helping you quickly and properly establish your company and with the help of this software, you can be direct and develop your company in the comfort of your home.

My Homecare Yorkshire

Our territories are exclusive and comparative to all other franchise companies.

We firstly assess the areas for strengths such as the size of population, their affluence, age and housing density.

Our aim is to always ensure it is ideally suited for a sustainable, successful business.

Our support remains as constant as ever, but we allow you to retain maximum profits from your endeavours by lowering our fees. Our goal is to make My Homecare known as simply the best care provider in the country and we help you do this by providing our expert support with our low charge rates.

My Homecare have customers who pay privately and are commissioned by over 60 local authorities and CCG’s in the UK. Our ongoing support once registered comes in the form of our team:-

  • Advice and support from your Operations Manager
  • Advice and support from our CEO
  • Advice and support from other successful branches

We have high standards and do not offer our support at high prices. My Homecare’s unique selling point is using team working and sharing of information. Our goal is to make My Homecare known as simply the best care provider in the country.

We have key territories still available. Enquire now for availability.

Once your company is registered and trading we provide you with three month free support. For the rest of our agreement our franchise fee is an industry low of 1.99% of your Gross Sales, allowing you to retain more of your profits. Our unique franchise goes one final step more than any other.

How are our franchise fees so competitively priced?

We can break down the costs even further as you progress so you can see exactly what you pay for and have no needless components. My Homecare simply charge less than all franchise companies that provide our level or service. We are working hard to establish our brand and ask that you follow our lead. As a family company with no large sales force our overheads are low and our offices and training facilities are built for purpose.

We sell using our proven track record of domiciliary trading experience, or expertise in the domiciliary care sector and by using our professionalism. The franchise package is now exactly what you need with no frills or additional unnecessary components such as software management systems.

To find out more about how My Homecare can help you, or to answer any queries you may have, don’t hesitate to contact us today!