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The First Five Years of your Agreement

  • If the franchise is purchased solely as an investment, the investor still needs to learn the industry and provide the necessary resources for their manager, so they can grow the company.
  • Investors in the franchise who intend to manage themselves, should expect to work especially hard, in years one to three and have adequate cash flow available.  


The My Homecare business model allows you to get back your initial investment by the end of year three or earlier.

Years four and five, watch your bank balance grow as your My Homecare branch establishes itself as a quality care provider in your territory.

We aim for margins in the industry circa 15-25% of your annual sales.

As My Homecare you gain our quality brand alongside our marketing and advertising skills, which attracts private customers.

We provide our expertise at working with private customers and also tendering for local authority or NHS contracts. With our low monthly fees for support it allows the best margins possible from private, local authority or NHS rates paid to you.

My Homecare consultants and managers have experience of winning lucrative block contracts and framework agreements worth millions of pounds a year. With our assistance you may chose to become a Tier 2 preferred provider and look towards being Tier 1 framework provider. Our business model allows investors to work together in consortium agreements for the larger contracts from the start. From rather humble beginnings you can see it is possible to get your share of the 20 billion pound care industry.



Your Next Five Years of your Agreement

After year five, you chose your exit strategy.  

  • Consider cashing in your investment after the first five years and sell your profitable franchise. Of course our assistance is provided.

Single or multiple branch domiciliary care companies managing 1,000 – 5,000 hours a week of care are sold and exchange hands regular. Prices paid vary with margins, profitability and even the number of large contracts you may have in place with the NHS or local authority.

  • Continue with your franchise. In the second five years you reap the rewards and see your business and bank balance grow. See a return month after month from your branch. Some people are driven and look to open their next branch or some spend more time away from work. As an investor you can rest safely knowing your management team is working for you.  

Eleven million people in the UK are over 65 years old and 3 million aged 80 or over. The latest projections are for 5½ million more elderly people in 20 years’ time and the number will have nearly doubled to around 19 million by 2050.

There are currently three million people aged more than 80 years and this is projected to almost double by 2030 and reach eight million by 2050.
While one-in-six of the UK population is currently aged 65 and over, by 2050 one in-four will be. Forty percent of over 65 year olds have a limiting longstanding illness.

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